WelcomeTraditional cafe-tavern Athanasia Neonaki

What would you say, if, on a windy day, you did something extraordinary? If for example while crossing Amari valley, in Rethymno, with the richest flora, the magnificent scenery, the venetian bridges and the small historic picturesque villages, you visit one of them, Apostoli and stay in a beautiful traditional cafe-tavern, of Athanasia Neonaki and taste the dishes that Athnasia prepares with love, using exclusively local products?
Athanasia inherited "NEONAKI" cafe-tavern from her grandfather. Her parents expanded it in 1950.
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"From morning, locals go to the cafe to gain strength for the day."
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Very often you can meet locals drinking cofee or raki, on winter or summer.
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Today it is a spacious comfortable cafe that sits 80 persons and  a big yard full of flowers.
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Traditional cafe - tavern Athanasia Neonaki

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Athanasia inherited "NEONAKI" cafe from her grandfather. Her parents expanded it in 1950 and they keep renovating it. Now it is a spacious, comfortable cafe of 80 persons capacity including a beautiful yard.

"... it is very common of the locals. From morning they go to the cafe to gain strength for the day. At night they return to the cafe full of joy. They never let tiredness kepp them at home. When a local stops going to the cafe, then it's time to say goodbuy, for good..."

The village

The beautiful village Apostoli of 150 inhabitants is 30km from Rethymno and on a 500m altitude at the foot of Psiloritis mountain. We can reach it via Pantanassa or via Potami dam.

Amari valley

Amari valley is one of the most beautiful, coolest and most productive valleys of Crete island. It is on 400-500m altitude, between Panakra (Idea Ori mountains), east of Psiloritis mountain (2456m) and west of Kedros mountains (1777m).